CPEA (Coupling Process of Equatorial Atmosphere)
Grant-in-Aid Scientific Research on Priority Areas CPEA (A03 Subgroup)
in collaboration between Japan and Indonesia

Study of Equatorial Convective Activity: Generation and Evolution

Updated on June 11, 2004

The objective of this project is to understand the behavior and mechanisms of convection-origin atmospheric waves as well as the detailed hierarchical structure of equatorial convective activities and couplings between them, through comprehensive observations of equatorial atmosphere utilizing the EAR (Equatorial Atmosphere Radar) and various instruments.


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Right diagram shows relation of convective activity around Koto Tabang, Sumatera (0.32degS, 100.32degE, about 850m ASL), effects to upper region of the atmosphere and large scale atmospheric circluation.(Courtesy of Dr. Horinouchi, RASC, Kyoto Univ.)

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