CPEA Radiosonde Observation Data

Last modified: Mon Jan 24 15:04:52 JST 2005

Data Usage Conditions:

CPEA radiosonde observation had been conducted by CPEA (Coupling Processes in the Equatorial Atmosphere) and several other projects. A person who is not concerned with these projects must contact in advance to use the data obtained from here.

Acknowledgment should be written when you publish the radiosonde data analysis result as follows.
Radiosonde type
Quick look figures
Quality check ver. 001

Original (before Quality Check)

Original raw (ASCII) data (Filename and formats are different)

Toshiaki Kozu: e-mail: kozu @ecs.shimane-u.ac.jp
Toyoshi Shimomai: e-mail: shimomai @ecs.shimane-u.ac.jp